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Few horses will roll with a rider on their back, but those that do are dangerous!

The most important thing to do is GET OFF QUICKLY, if you think a horse is about to roll. Save your self first and your saddle second.

If your horse wants to roll regularly when you are on him, YOU NEED TO GET HELP.

Get help early, before the problem gets too big for you to handle



Look out for these tell-tale signs
that a horse is about to roll!

- He may stop and refuse to move on.
- He may start to paw at the ground.
- He will drop his head.
- He will start to 'buckle' at the legs.



- Don't let the horse remain stopped.
(he can't roll if he's walking!)
Get him moving forward!
- If he starts to go down -
and get out of the way.

Once he's down...

Get him up again - as quickly as you can.

Making loud noises, jumping up and down, or smacking him with a crop or nearby stick may help to get him up before he damages your saddle.


Why does he do this?

Some horses will lie down and roll while you're riding them, especially if they are wet or very dirty.

Others do it because they are just plain naughty - and trying to get rid of their rider.

Your safety is the most important thing - get off and out of the way.
Worry about your safety first and your saddle second!
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