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Behavior and Training

"Who's in Charge?"
Look into the lives of horses will help you understand them and even their "language".
"Aggressive Horses"
Advice on handling and changing the behavior patterns of aggressive horses.
Apples Online Horse Training
Aspects of ground training. If possible respond to your emails about horse questions..
"Articles on Training"
"Bitting Up your Horse", "Educating Start as Soon as They Hit the Ground".
Double L Equestrian Clinics
Training philosophies and shows how they really work.
"Herd Bound"
Herd behavior. .
Horse Questions
Invites your training questions and then presents both question and answer on the page.
Horse Training the Natural Way
Natural Horsemanship training. Includes a bookstore, articles and forums.
"Let The Games Begin"
Group riding activities that you can incorporate into your riding for skill-building and fun.
"Mounting Problem in Horses"
Hints and tips on re-training a horse who will not allow the rider to mount.
"Obedience and Behavior"
Some reasons why your horse isn't doing what you want, and some ways to make it easier.
"Self Taught Halter Breaking"
Advice for foal halter-break itself and teach itself to lead with no blow-ups or wrecks.
"Starting Right"
Importance of starting your horse right and giving him a firm foundation for the future.
"Teaching a Horse to Lunge"
Advice in answer to a young lady with a question about teaching her horse to lunge.
"Teaching your horse to load - there has to be another way!"
Teach your horse to trailer. Details the John Lyons approach and shows how it works.
"Trailer Loading a Horse"
Advice about loading a horse into a trailer. You can also link to a discussion on the forum.
"Trailer Loading Troubles"
Different leading positions techniques to use to overcome a horse's fear of tailoring.
"Train Your Horse for Clipping"
Tips on desensitizing, herd behavior and patience to train a horse to stand for clipping.
"Alone Training"
How to give a herd bound horse confidence so that he can be at ease away from the herd.
"Bad Start"
"Brownie", a 4 year old TB had a bad start, training & patience improved his confidence.
Caring for Wild Horses, by B. Eustis-Cross
For new horse adopters, information to settle their wild horse into a safe, domestic lifestyle.
"Head Shaking in Horses"
Some causes of the habit some horses get of head shaking and head tossing.
Horsewhisperer Homepage
The Web site includes clinic dates, press releases and the books and videos available.
Jessica Jahiel: Holistic Horsemanship∆
Holistic Horsemanship aims at producing a balance and harmony between horse and rider.
Learn Your Donkey
An index of articles on training your donkey to lead, load, pick up his feet etc.
Bob Loomis
Trainer and exhibitor. Information about training fees, horses for sale and more.
John Lyons, Americas's Most Trusted Horseman
Schedules of John's appearances, online registration form & monthly articles.
"Planning a Schooling Show"
Sound advice if you want to run a schooling show at your barn.
Monty Roberts -- "The Man Who Listens to Horses"
Read about the Join-Up process, order the book or the video and more.
Slash W Barrel Horses
This web site includes clinic information and more.
"Too Attached"
Well written advice on how to ease your horse's separation anxiety.
"Vices of Horses"
Reasons for, and the ways to lessen, the stable vices that some horses exhibit.

Qualified Spotted Saddle Horse Inspector

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