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What is reincarnation the cowpoke asked his friend.

His pal replied it starts when your life comes to it's end.

They wash your neck and comb your hair and clean your fingernails

They put you in a padded box away from life's travails.

Now that box and you goes in a hole that's dug into the ground

Reincarnation starts in when your planted neath the mound.

Them clogs melts down just like the box and you who is inside

And that's when your beginning your transformation ride.


In a while the grass does grow upon the rendered mound

And then some day on that lowly grave a single flower is found.

If a horse should wonder by and graze upon the flower

This thing that once was you but has now become your vegetative bower.

The flower that the horse dun ate with all his other feed

Builds bone and fat and muscle essential to the steed.

But there's a part that he can't use and so it passes through

And there it lays upon the ground this thing that once was you.

Then if by chance I wonder by and gaze upon the ground

I'll wonder and I'll ponder at this object that I've found.

I'll think of reincarnation, of life and death and such

And I'll come away concluding-  Why, you ain't chanced all that much !

Wallace McRae


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