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We believe in horses that process the capability to gait barefoot . We use no weighted shoes, no long toes, no artificial training devices. Love and the horses God given ability is our philosophy.
5 children, 3 grand children,2 dogs a cat and 4 horses. I am always under construction and always, it seems at the barn (is that why my wash is never done?). The kids all showed in 4-H and I was active in community activities. We live in Adrian MI , located about 10 miles from the Ohio line . 45 minutes from Toledo and 45 minutes from Jackson . The show schedule in those days was pretty hectic and I still remember all those 5AM sessions of bathing and grooming.
My husband from Tennessee often spoke of Tennessee Walking Horses and so when I started looking for a breed to suit my own needs it was there I went. Elizabethton TN is located in eastern TN near the North Carolina border.

We started small and really remain that way. Part of what I love is the attention and conection I get from my horses and I feel when you get too big with too many horses you loose that, besides you can only work so many horses at one time and do them justice.
We showed the first couple of years. But the show circuit seemed more work than fun and after all the years of 4-H work with the kids we took to the trail.
The show circuit wasn't my thing and I always wished I could be out trail ridding instead of going around in circles and hurrying around just to wait for class's. It was at this time I really began to search for good useing horses , horses that could cover the ruggid terrain and 20-30 miles a day while maintaining gait and condition. I vacation with my horses and my goal is to travel the US from coast to coast on horse back. So far We have camped and traveled the miles in 5 states, met wonderful people and had more than one adventure!
We remain a very small farm with 1 mares, 2geldings,1 weanling and 1 on the way. If you don't ride them how do you know their great horses?
We offer the following horses and blood lines for your consideration . I believe they are "The Best" you can find!
Grand daughters to the World Grand Champion "Merry Go Boy"
Grand daughters to the World Grand Champion "Shakers Shocker" Grand Sons to the World Grand Champion "The Pusher" The list of champions goes on and on, but the proof is in the ride!
I find our lines and horses to be the finest gaited and temperament . I am proud of every generation I produce. If I can be of any assistance with breed information, training, referral, please write as I love talking horses.
I am a qualified Spotted Saddle Horse inspector and if you need information about this growing breed I'd be glad to help.
Any Questions Or Comments?

As always
Happy Trails
Al & Niki Oliver
Adrian MI
517/ 263-1267
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