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Before you start...
Think Back
Remember When you where young!

... * The Wonder
... * The Joy
......* The Love!
PLEASE Keep Their Horse Adventure Safe and Fun!!

A Childs Horse
A True Hero
A Pal
A Teacher
A Babysitter
Camping and Trail Rides
Memories to Last a Life Time
The 4H Experience
Children Share their love with others and learn from each other.
Common interrests
Call your local Extension Office
The best place to learn and have fun.

Keep learning Fun and Safe
* Don't be a "Little League Parent"!
* Help them IF NEEDED Don't do it for them!
... ... instructor!
* Spend the time and money
...on a good horse

You will be rewarded one thousand times over!!

Let your child have Fun
About 7 they can safely start

Learn about the
Horse First

Buy or Lease
A Horse Ridden by a Child

Know Equipment
Ask - Ask - Ask

Join In
Horse Projects

Don't End Up
With Problems

Take Folks with You
Horse Knowledge

Write Me


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