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Have you ever wondered why foals all seem to be born around the same time?

Everyone knows that baby horses are called foals.

Boy foals are called colts, while girl foals are called fillies. Young horses are called colts and fillies up until the age of 3.
Yearlings are colts or fillies who are a year old.

When a horse is born, it's legs are almost their full adult length! - giving them that extremely cute "long-legged look" we all love so much.

Did You Know...

Most foals are born at night under cover of darkness and away from prying eyes and possible danger.

The best time of year for a foal to be born is in the spring, when the weather is at its kindest and the lush grass is at its best for the mares.



A newborn foal can stand up within an hour of being born and can keep up with the rest of the herd within 24 hours!

When first born, foals cannot eat grass because their legs are too long to reach it!

In the Southern Hemisphere, (which includes Australia, New Zealand and Japan), horses have their birthday on August the1st.

Horse Birthdays

Thoroughbreds all have their birthday on the same day. This makes it easier for keeping racing, breeding and showing records.

In the Northern Hemisphere, (which includes the USA, Canada and Europe), their birthday is January1st.


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