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When a horse 'barges', it means he keeps pushing you out of the way.

Horses often barge when they are impatient either to be let out, fed, or to get to other horses. Barging becomes a real problem when it turns into a habit.

Does Your Horse
Push You Around?

Some horses develop the dangerous habit of barging past their handlers as soon as the stall door or paddock gate is opened.

This sort of behavior shows a lack of discipline and disrespect for the handler.

If you don't take control - you could get hurt.




You have a problem if:
  • it is starting to happen more often
  • your horse is getting "pushier"
  • or if it feels scary.

DO NOT allow this behaviour to continue!



If you can't manage on your own,
get someone
BIG to help you!



What you can do.

If your horse has taken to pushing past you every time you open the stall door or paddock gate, be ready next time with a piece of plastic pipe, a rolled up newspaper, or whip.

Shout "Get back" in your biggest angriest sounding voice and wave your stick in his face each time he attempts to barge. This should break the habit over a week or so.

A slide rail or chain installed across the stable door opening will stop him barging out as soon as you open the door. Use the same technique as above.


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