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"The Nursery"

"Breeding For Success"

Deciding to breed your mare is a very personnel choice arrived at for many different reasons.

Some reasons are financial. The mare owner wishes to recoup some of the expenses of purchase and owning the horse by breeding and selling a foal, or wishes to sell the mare in foal. Some reasons are family oriented. The mare owner wishes to give the foal to a family member or friend.

Some times the decision to breed is just because we love to see those new born foals. It brings us back to nature and we love the experience of anticipating the new arrival, the joy and wonder of having a new baby! You should check to see everything is kept clean and safe. Always check the stallion owner hand covers mares. If A.I. is you choice make sure the semen shipped is of the highest quality and the utmost care is given to verify through the lab the morphology, morbidity, and count of the semen you receive. What ever your reason for breeding let me try to give some suggestions to make the whole breeding program work a little easier.

First and for most your mare needs to be healthy and free from infection. Most breeders require some sort of health check, palpation or culture.

A culture protects the stallion and your mare. A pre natal palpation and culture runs about $40-$65 and is money well spent. The culture lets you know your mare does not have an infectious process to prevent pregnancy and the palpation lets you know where in your mares cycle she is. Knowing your horse saves money in return trips, mare care, and vet care. Most breeders will charge $3-$7 per day mare care.
In approximately 11 Months Happy Baby!!!!!

Check back often as I get more pictures up


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