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Horses that are hard to catch are a major pain in the neck. If YOUR horse runs in the OTHER direction when he sees you coming - you have a problem which needs fixing.

When Buying a Horse

If you are buying a horse, ask the person selling it NOT to catch it before you get there (or just arrive early, before they've caught it.) That way you can see for yourself if there's a problem catching him or
not. Be especially cautious if:

  • The horse is always already caught, whenever you see it.
  • It runs a mile when approached, unless the owner takes feed.



If you find yourself the owner of a horse who is hard to catch, you need to think about why he doesn't want to be caught.

Try visiting the paddock twice a day for a while with a small treat. Make it a pleasant visit without demanding anything in return. Just give him a bit of attention, perhaps a light grooming and a few kind words. Often this is enough to break the habit. A horse learns quickly whether being caught is a good experience or a bad one.

Turning your horse out in a halter makes catching him easier next time, as long as you make sure it fits properly. Let him know that once caught,he can always expect a small treat or a good scratch.

If there are other horses in the same paddock, avoid using buckets of feed to catch your horse. You could get trampled. Try using a horse treat or slice of bread hidden in your hand instead. Your horse will soon catch on to your little secret without letting on to the others.


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