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Al and I went to the UP where my family is to hit some of the hundreds of miles of trails in the beautiful upper peninsula of Michigan. The weather was flawless , the bugs were no problem and thanks to Uncle Allie, and Uncle Frank the camping was spectacular.
The UP has hundreds of miles of trails, and the snow mobile routes are well marked and run the entire distance of the UP. There are spots were the creeks or rivers must be negotiated because the corduroy bridges are not in condition for horse crossing but these are all being replaced one by one. The beavers always play a part in trail ridding because a trail that was passable for an ATV may now be swampy due to the beavers finding a nice new home and rerouting a creek but all in all the UP offers hundreds of miles and hours of trail ridding splendor.

Ridding along the lake
This is Travelers Little Kiss's and I ridding in Lake Huron
Kiss is our 3 year old filly and I can't say enough about her . This was her first outing and she handled everything so well even I was in awe of her.
Uncle Frank and Barbara Taylor invited us for a shore line ride and my dreams were answered. Every so often Family amazes you with so much . Thank you Frank and Barbara for everything!
Memories for a life time!
Good times, good friends, good ridding!

Barbara and I getting our trail instructions
from Frank before the ride.

Camping on Jane Lake
A beautiful lake and big thanks
to Uncle Allie for his 4 wheel drive help.

A short rest during the ride
around Lake Jane

A refreshing drink along McKays Creek

Always up for a wagon ride with John Mc Donald!
John can be seen in the many parades around the UP. We hope to join Barbra Frank and John next year.

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