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 Here at Box-O-Acres you can board by the month or by the year. The cost for monthly board rates are $5.00 per day, this includes a 12 x 12 box stall and daily turn out. Grass or Alfalfa hay plus grain are given at owners instructions and are included in the monthly fee. The turn out pens are at least 100 x 200 and are of wood and horse fence 5 feet tall with an additional electric top strand. Water is provided in every turn out. The yearly rates are $100 per month provided a full 12 months is spent at facility. All the above is provided with the same care we give our own horses.

We accept horses in for training on an individual basis and if this is an interest of yours please contact me regarding your specific needs. Much time and many hours go into a well trained and well manured horse.Each horse is an individual with different needs.On an average the minimum stay would be 30-60 days and the minimum charge for training would be $150.

Board is not to be confused with mare care . Mare care is is charged when you are bringing a mare to be bred to a stallion Mare care usualy runs approximately $5.00 per day for a dry mare and $7.00 per day after the first week for a wet or nursing mare.

An indoor riding arena large enough to meet all your riding needs (100x200), is located next door and can be rented at an hourly rate of $10 per hour.

If you would like to be included in our camping and trail excursions please drop me a line and I will be glad to inform you of the where and when .

As Always Happy Trails Al & Niki Oliver 517/ 263-1267

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